Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Victims of Gravity - THE BLACK BOX - July 30

Victims of Gravity is scheduled to perform at THE BLACK BOX presented by the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse.

"Victims of Gravity (VoG) have been boogying together for over a decade. We're a 5-piece band, with Dan Feerick on stunt guitar, Sue Bencuya on rhythm guitar and blues harp, Paul Sager on bass, Mark Stankard on the keys, and fabulous drummer Mike Myers on everything he can reach with a stick. Everyone sings but Mike. We dig tight harmonies and music that makes you get up and dance."

For more about ==>  the Facebook page  or their webpage   http://www.vogband.com/

Victims of Gravity performing at the Foxboro concerts on the common during 2016
Victims of Gravity performing at the Foxboro's Concerts on the Common

  • A video sample of VOG

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