Saturday, July 18, 2015

Schoolhouse Rock Live! - Aug 1

FSPA Summer Theater proudly presents the iconic Schoolhouse Rock Live! With timeless hits such as “Conjunction Junction,” “I’m Just a Bill” and “Three Is a Magic Number,” the Emmy Award-winning Saturday morning cartoon series taught an entire generation lessons about grammar, science, math, money and American history in a most animated and catchy way.
School House Rock - Live
School House Rock - Live
Don't miss this concert musical adaptation featuring the best of the beloved TV show. With clever and high-energy educational jams, it's fun, nostalgic and can't-miss entertainment for audiences of all ages! 
The August 1 performance of Schoolhouse Rock! will be presented at THE BLACK BOX at 4:00 PM as part of the Franklin Cultural Festival.

The full schedule of performances and events for the first annual Franklin Cultural Festival can be found here

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